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Floral Fragrance for women

Experience the Exquisite Creations of Our Perfume House

The zesty and energizing combination of Yuzu and Lime, harmoniously mixed with the luscious enticement of Pomegranate, burst forth in the top notes of this alluring scent. Saffron provides a bit of spice and warmth, and jasmine contributes its appealing floral aroma for a truly seductive beginning.

A bouquet of peonies, lotuses, and freesias delicately unfolds as the smell settles into its center, emitting a subtle and entrancing floral symphony. The inclusion of Ambergris gives the composition a delicate yet alluring maritime undertone that engages the senses and adds depth.

As the sensuality of Musk and the rich and woody notes of Cedar combine in the base, the fragrance takes on a calming and grounding quality. Amber covers everything in a cozy blanket.

Long Lasting

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