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FDET - Fragrance De Terrace Official



Fresh Fragrance for men

This Fragrance is from generation of Silver Mountain Water Creed

In the world of perfumes, there exists a captivating symphony that begins with the lively overture of Bergamot and Mandarin Orange. Their harmonious blend sets the stage for an olfactory journey filled with excitement and anticipation. As the melody unfolds, the delicate yet invigorating notes of Green Tea and Black Currant take center stage, swirling together in a captivating dance of freshness and allure. And just when you think the performance is reaching its peak, the base notes emerge, grounding the composition with their mesmerizing depth. Musk weaves a seductive rhythm, Petitgrain adds a touch of sophistication, Sandalwood brings warmth and elegance, while Galbanum imparts a unique twist, leaving an unforgettable impression. This fragrance composition is a symphony of scent, playing upon the senses and creating an engaging and unforgettable experience.

Long Lasting Fragrance

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