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FDET - Fragrance De Terrace Official



Floral fruity fragrance for Women

Experience the Exquisite Creations of Our Perfume House

In the fragrant overture, Jasmine weaves a moonlit sonata, while Plum offers a juicy, twilight embrace. Pink Pepper, like a playful comet, adds a dash of spice to the symphony.

In the heart of this olfactory journey, Violet paints a canvas of velvety dreams, Gardenia whispers secrets of midnight gardens, and Tuberose sings a sultry serenade.

As the fragrance deepens, White Musk becomes the tranquil echo of a serene night, Ambergris unveils an oceanic reverie, and Rangoon Creeper, with its exotic allure, completes this aromatic tale in the twilight's embrace

Long Lasting Fragrance

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