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FDET - Fragrance De Terrace Official



Floral Fruity fragrance for women

Experience the Exquisite Creations of Our Perfume House

A crystal vessel, an enchanting realm of scent materializes, where the top notes burst forth like a vibrant overture to a symphony of fragrance. Juicy pears and zesty mandarin oranges playfully dance with the alluring embrace of angelica and black currant. Pink pepper and clove add a touch of spicy intrigue, setting the stage for the heart of this olfactory journey.

As time unfurls, the middle notes emerge like a garden in full bloom, where tuberose, jasmine, neroli, and a single, crimson rose intertwine in an aromatic ballet of sensuality and romance. It's a bouquet that whispers of secret desires and poetic dreams.

Finally, the base notes wrap this olfactory masterpiece in a warm, comforting embrace. Vanilla, with its sweet nostalgia, mingles with the soft, lingering caress of white musk, inviting you to immerse yourself in a sensory embrace that transcends time and space.

Long Lasting Fragrance

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